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Devon Parlett

Devon Parlett
Angie, of Belt Up Driving School, gave high quality teaching and with her patient and friendly nature made me feel safe and comfortable at the wheel of her car. Angie sets her lessons based on the student's confidence and pace of learning, slowing introducing the student to a new topic. Personally, I found angie's style of teaching simple and easy to remember, for example, on the manoeuvres (i.e. Parallel park) Angie likes to use step-by-step instructions which she entitles with small phrases.

"fully turn the steering wheel to the left and keep the car moving until it reaches a 2 o'clock position, like on a clock face". Very rememberable and easy to understand. With thanks to angie I passed my driving test and am now a safe, confident driver.

Driving lessons in Plymouth with a highly recommended driving school. Belt Up Driving School can help you on the road to your driving licence. Business Address: 19 Blackeven Close, Roborough, Plymouth PL6 7AX
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