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Belt Up Driving School

Learn to drive before you´re 17

14 - 16 YEARS OF AGE?

Belt Up Driving School offer lessons to 14 - 16 year olds and they don´t even need a licence!

We have access to a professional training facility in Exeter which is completely off the public highway, yet contains most things you will find on today´s roads.

For example, on the course 14 - 16 year old will be faced with reversing bays, gradients for hill starts and clutch control practice, traffic light controlled junctions, pelican and zebra crossings, mini roundabouts, stop and give way line marked junctions and a section with streetlights and reflective studding for night driving practice. There is an onsite classroom for theory tuition together with toilets and a refreshment area.

The day involves a full days training with pick-up around 9am and return around 4pm. The youngsters use the Belt Up Dual-controlled car and are fully insured and under the control of a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor at ALL times. Whilst the day is a relaxed and fun experience for the young driver it also means that when they do start driving for real, they are usually more confident and hours ahead in terms of progress.

Why not surprise your 14 - 16 year old with a birthday treat they will never forget? You can also share the cost by taking a friend.

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