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Introducing Our New ADI

You will soon see this in and around the Plymouth area.  :)
Training with Angie has been a great experience! When I started back in June 2017 we started off with Angie pretending to be a learner driver. I really struggled with this as I knew in the back of my head this wasn’t a real situation and Angie could drive. I began to doubt my ability slightly after some time as I didn’t seem to be making any progress.

Angie’s students were kind enough to let me observe their lessons and I took notes in the back. I feel that I have learnt so much by observing Angie and I began to put my new knowledge into practice when I had my first learner driver, Ruth.

Ruth and I use to work together so we have a good relationship to begin with and I knew she wanted her driving license so she was pleased to have free lessons and help me out. With Angie’s supervision this was extremely helpful for both of us as it meant Angie could give me feedback and step in to help me learn and progress. I had training record sheets to help me reflect on what went well on each lesson and how I think I could improve. By writing things down we could work out how I can keep on improving and it worked ! When I got my pink badge that meant I could earn money while learning as without that opportunity I wouldn’t of been able to carry on training. I still tried to observe Angie’s lessons in between my own, as well as Angie observing my lessons. All my students were more than happy to pay for discounted lessons. They all knew I was training and were more than happy to help ! It meant I could build a good relationship with my learners and have them help me as much as I can help them which made them feel good. I’d also ask them how they think I can improve which makes them feel more involved.

Angie has been so supportive and patient, always ready to answer any questions and gives out amazing advice that’s relevant and up to date. Angie has built up a great reputation and it shows in her students. I’m excited to start my journey with “Belt U
Thank you Gemma for the review. I have loved being part of your journey to becoming an ADI. It has been a real pleasure and honour that you chose me to assist with your new career.

I look forward to continuing with your further training in these early days/months as a qualified instructor. I also very much welcome you to the Belt Up Driving School team.

Congratulations on your 1st time Pass! 😁

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